Apply These Secret Techniques To enhance Studio Ghibli Merch

Stitch or glue the eyes and the nose of Totoro. I’ve also used the hot glue gun to attach the black patterns of the eyes on the white parts. You may stitch the scallop-like gray patterns on the spherical white sample, but the easiest way is to use a scorching glue gun to attach them. Then I stitched the spherical sample close to the bottom facet of one among the principal body cutouts of Totoro. If you-like Mei and Satsuki, are low-key obsessed with this large, haunted pal, then you’re complete, 100%, surely in the best place. Whereas that bowl remains to be there, within the spirit’s left hand, its right hand is now free to hold other things as properly.

And when No-Face receives coins within the bowl, it’ll first lift its proper hand to its mouth, as if to gobble up whatever’s in it, before raising the bowl and guzzling the coins down as a substitute. We’ve already seen No Face on a 20th anniversary embroidered baseball jacket as part of the celebrations, so it seems like 2021 will likely be an ideal year for Spirited Away fans. In 2017, Donguri Kyowakoku, the Japanese retail chain that sells official Studio Ghibli merchandise, introduced a fantastical piggy bank in the form of No-Face from Spirited Away. Explore your favorite product here in our Studio Ghibli Merch Store; we ship worldwide fast and free, so you possibly can order something you see in the store irrespective of the place you’re.

We def don’t assume you can. Just don’t fall in Studio Ghibli Figures when he snores! Also, put together needles and thread to stitch the entrance and physique base patterns for the Totoro plushie. Begin to stitch around the side to join both body base together. Once you’re performed with stuffing, stitch the opening to secure it. Insert enough cotton through the opening to give the plushie a fluffy look. Huge, cuddly, playful, completely haunted-how may you ever get enough of the whiskered, monstrous forest neighbor? Minimize the patterns from the template to get started! I simply glued the patterns to create the soot balls. Place the paper patterns on the chosen felts and use a fabric marker or gel pen to trace the patterns on the felt.