A quick guide to jargon and slang in poker

One thing that can confuse complete novices to poker is, of course, the slang. Poker, much like any sport or pastime, has its own dictionary and glossary. However, even the most seasoned of players can still find a term of two that’s confusing every once in a while.

In this quick guide, we will take a look at some of the more common slang phrases you will come across in poker. We’ll also tell you what they mean, and where you can expect them to pop up.

Therefore, the next time you play video poker at the best NJ Online Casinos, or head to Vegas, you’ll be well prepared at the table! Here’s our pick of a few essential terms worth knowing.


Going all-in means you use all your chips. You can choose to go all-in on bets you feel really strongly about. However, all-in also refers to when you run out of money, period, during a game.


To fold your bet, you essentially ‘give in’. If you know you can’t beat the other player in a hand, you fold. If you’re feeling really lucky, or your gut is telling you otherwise, you can keep playing. However, folding is probably a good idea if you’re on your last few chips.


A blind is a default bet that’s played at the start. This can vary as a big blind or a live blind, too. This bet takes place, normally, before you even see any cards put down.


There’s always money to be made by the dealer at a poker table. The rake is the percentage fee that the dealer takes for hosting the game.

Community Cards

In some poker game styles, you will find that there are public cards placed face-up in the middle of the table. These are your community cards, and everyone has a share. You can make unique hands using these cards and those you are holding to yourself.


The term flop is used to refer to the first three community cards laid down. Nice and simple! This is why you might hear phrases such as betting ‘before the flop’ or ‘after the flop’.

Call or See

To call or see a bet, you match that of the most recent play. For example, if someone places a bet before you, you can choose to call that bet and place down the same amount of money.


A check is when you abstain from betting on the current hand. However, this doesn’t mean you abstain from the full round. You’re effectively betting nothing! In some cases, the chips you use can be called checks, too.


Nice and simple. To raise, you increase the bet on the table. You’d do this, naturally, when your gut has a good feeling.


A rock is a certain type of player! They will be very predictable and are so-called because you can’t move them. They tend to raise on hands they know to be a sure thing.